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Bob Armbrister
Date: Apr 07, 2010

The SSBI is a great new twist on the traditional business networking. It's just what is needed during the 'new' economical times. Keep up the great work Nancy!

Networking and relationship building are essential to the growth of a small business. The Strategic Small Business Initiative understands that and works to support small business growth through people working together to form collaborations, sharing in common goals, and creating support groups.

If you hate feeling alone in your business, want easier, less stressful ways to meet other businesses, and  learn from the experts, then the SSBI is the organization for you.

If you are ready to take your business to the next stage in its growth -- welcome aboard! As a part of a membership organization where CEOs, Presidents, Business Owners, and other entrepreneurs share valuable experience, skills and resources, you'll find expert companionship to help you on your way. We invite you to make personal contact and get acquainted with this new concept. Please call for a free consultation.

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Nominate your Worthy Lady who does for everyone else and does not think of herself.


Design Studio 21 Salon Spa & Holistic Center,

1504 Capital Ave NE

Battle Creek, MI 49017

Is giving away a Spa package that has: Haircut, manicure, pedicure, mini facial, half hour massage, half hour reflexology and a Life Line Technique to connect body, mind and spirit.


Nominate this Worthy Lady in 100 words or less and give her name, address, phone and e-mail along with your name, address, phone and e-mail. If she wins you will win something also. Drawing will be Feb. 13th, so have those nominations in, in plenty of time. Any questions call 269-660-1808


If you stop in and drop off the nomination you will receive a coupon for $10 off any service we offer at any other time.

Article of the Month


Launch Your “Summertime” Investment Strategy

Now that summer is officially here, you may be looking forward to vacations, barbecues, ballgames and other events of the season. But even while you’re engaged in these activities, you can’t forget about other aspects of your life — such as your plans to achieve your long-term financial goals. However, your summer activities can actually provide you with some valuable lessons on managing your investment strategy.

Here are a few possibilities:

Plan your trip. If you’re taking a long road trip this summer, you’ll need to choose your vehicle, map out your route, determine how far you want to go each day and be quite certain of your destination. And, essentially, the same is true for your investment strategy. You need to choose the right investment vehicles, familiarize yourself with your ultimate goals (such as a comfortable retirement) and chart your progress along the way.

Try to avoid getting burned. If you’re going to spend a lot of time outdoors this summer, you may need to apply some sunscreen. But you don’t have to be exposed to the sun to get “burned” — it can happen in the investment world, too. However, you can help prevent this from happening. How? By building a diversified portfolio. If most of your money is tied up in just one type of investment, and that asset class falls victim to a downturn, your portfolio could take big hit. But while some investments are moving down, other may be moving up, so it makes sense to spread your money among a range of vehicles appropriate for your risk tolerance, investment goals and time horizon. Of course, diversification, by itself, cannot guarantee a profit or protect against loss, but it can help reduce the effects of volatility on your portfolio.

Keep yourself “hydrated.” When you’re outside on hot days, you can lose a lot of fluids, so you need to drink plenty of liquids to remain hydrated. As an investor, you also need a reasonable amount of liquidity. In the severe market downturn of 2008 and early 2009, many investors found they had insufficient amounts of the type of liquid investments — cash and cash equivalents — that held up better than other, more aggressive vehicles. Furthermore, if you are relatively illiquid, you may have to dip into your longer-term investments to pay for short-term emergency needs. Try to always keep an adequate level of liquidity in your holdings.

Dress for the season. As you go about your summer activities, you won’t always wear the same clothes. On hot days, you might want to wear shorts, but on cool, rainy days, you might need heavier items or even a raincoat. And as you go through life, you may need to adjust your investment approach depending on your individual financial “season.” For example, early in your career, you might be able to afford to invest more aggressively, as you’ll have more opportunities to recover from the inevitable short-term downturns. As you close in on retirement, though, you may need to take a more conservative approach so that you can lower your investment risk when you need to access your money.

So there you have them — some ideas for “summertime investing.” Use them wisely, and they may be of value to you long after summer is over.

This article was given to us by our member, Lori Nay, from Edward Jones Investments in Richland, MI